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CERATHERMO Thermocouple
Ceramics-tubed wires or mineral insulated cables have conventionally been used in harsh environments. However, they posed serious problems in flexibility, connections, and the ratio of outer cable diameter to conductor diameter. Yamari has launched a flexible ceramic-insulated thermocouple wire, achieved through a new fabrication process, SLPC using a liquid phase process similar to an electrostatic spattering method.

1. Easy to handle - - - - - - - -No breakage at joints in insulators
2. Space Saving - - - - - - - -Virtually same diameter as bare wire
3. Lightweight - - - - - - - -Virtually same weight as bare wire
4. High Flexibility - - - - - - - -No insulators are necessary
5. Low out gassing - - - - - - - -Usable in super vacuum atmosphere
Semiconductor processing equipment
Temperature distribution measurement of silicon wafer and P.C. board
Vacuum equipment
Temperature measurement of P.C. board on spattering equipment, and various evaporation equipment
CVD equipment, Heat treatment furnace, etc.
Temperature measurement of precision sintering furnace, etc.
Thermocouple Wire
Type of Thermocouple
Diameter (mm)
0.2, 0.32
※We make hot junction upon request.
※Improper EMF may be generated, if hot junction and leads were made without removing ceramic layer.
CERATHERMO Thermocouple with hot junction

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