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Special sensors
Temperature Senssor For Turbine
We are bigest supplier Temperature senssor for POWER Insductrial
We supply for many power plant in Vietnam

1 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TBFCT1 Cặp nhiệt TBFCT1
2 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TBFCT2 Cặp nhiệt TBFCT2
3 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TBFLT1   Cặp nhiệt TBFLT1
4 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TBFLT2         Cặp nhiệt TBFLT2
5 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TBRCT1 Cặp nhiệt TBRCT1
6 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TBRCT2 Cặp nhiệt TBRCT2
7 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TBRLT1 Cặp nhiệt TBRLT1
8 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TBRLT2 Cặp nhiệt TBRLT2
9 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TC1130         Cặp nhiệt TC1130
10 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TC1140 Cặp nhiệt TC1140
11 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TC1150 Cặp nhiệt TC1150
12 -  Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TC1160 Cặp nhiệt TC1160
13 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TC1170 Cặp nhiệt TC1170
14 -  Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TC1180 Cặp nhiệt TC1180
15 -  Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TC1190 Cặp nhiệt TC1190
16 -  Cặp nhiệt Yamari Mã: TC1200 Cặp nhiệt TC1200
17 - Cặp nhiệt  Yamari Mã: M-07173-01  Part Number: M-07173-01
18- Cặp nhiệt  Yamari P/N: M-07181-03 loại E, L=15m, phi 3,2
19 - Cảm biến nhiệt độ / Temperature Sensor  - RTD, Pt100, PN M-15228-01 , L=1130 mm
20 - Cảm biến nhiệt độ / Temperature Sensor  - RTD, Pt100, PN M-15228-01 , L=700 mm
21 - Cảm biến nhiệt độ / Temperature Sensor  - RTD, Pt100, PN M-15228-01 , L=350 mm
22 - Cảm biến nhiệt độ / Temperature Sensor  - RTD, Pt100, PN M-15228-02 , L=500 mm
19 - Cảm biến nhiệt độ / Temperature Sensor  - RTD, Pt100, PN M-15228-03 , L=160 mm
19 - Cảm biến nhiệt độ / Temperature Sensor  - RTD, Pt100, PN M-15228-04 , L=475 mm
19 - Cảm biến nhiệt độ / Temperature Sensor  - Type K, 0-1200 C Deg PN M-14625-07 , L=23 m
19 - Cảm biến nhiệt độ / Temperature Sensor  - Type K, 0-1200 C Deg PN M-14625-07 , L=18 m
20 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari; Type E; Ø4.8; Length: 25mm; Wire,Lengthe: 5000mm; 316L; Class1/IEC 584 B11T, P/N: B11T
21 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari; Type E; Ø6; Length: 90mm; 316L;,Class1/IEC 584  B9T,   P/N: B09T
22 - Cặp nhiệt; Yamari; Type K; Ø4.8; Length: 2500mm; 316L;,Class1/IEC 584; ren hãm M20x1P , PN: M-07181-07
23- Cặp nhiệt P/N: M-07705-02
24/  Cặp nhiệt; Yamari; Type K; Ø4.8; Length: 2000mm; 316L;,Class1/IEC 584; PN: M-07181-07
25/ Cặp nhiệt; Yamari; Type K; Ø4.8; Length: 2500mm; 316L;,Class1/IEC 584;  PN: M-07181-07
26 - Cặp nhiệt; Yamari; Type K; Ø4.8; Length: L=880mm;,l=630mm; 316L;,Class1/IEC 584; PN: M-07181-07
27 - Cặp nhiệt Yamari type K, 4 wire , 0-800°C, Chiều dài L=20m ,  Class1/IEC,584,P/N: M-14060-02
28 - Cặp nhiệt; Type K; Dải đo: 0-800; PROTECTING PIPE:,27mm ; L=1380mm; l=1130mm, Cặp nhiệt; Yamari; Type K; Ø4.8; Length: 2500mm; 316L;,Class1/IEC 584 PN: M-07181-07
29 - Cặp nhiệt  Yamari; Type K; Ø26.7mm; Length: 1500mm;,Class1/IEC 584; Lõi cặp nhiệt Ø4.8; Ren trượt hãm 2"NPT; M-14066-03
30 - Cặp nhiệt  YAMARI - P/N: M-07181-03 loại E, L=15m, OD =3,2  P/N: M-07181-03

For Other Applications
 Polyimide-Insulated Thermocouple

Type:TPCK   Maximum Temperature:350℃

1.Ease of use because of its flexibility
2.Contineous use up to 350℃
3.Connectable to thermocouple connector
4. Hot junction can be made upon request.
Temperature Range
0℃ - +350℃
Type of Thermocouple
Type K
Conductor Diameter
Insulation Material
JIC Class 2

For Iron steel
 Special Thermocouple for Hot Blast Stove

The measuring atmosphere is very harsh in high temperature,high pressure and high steaming velocity ,sensor must have the following features.

・ High Quality SIC Protection Tube
・ Sealed Structure on T/C wire
・ Long Life Structure on type R thermocouple

  ■ Thermocouple for Blast Furnace

This is a unique sensor developed to measure the erosion profile by the two point method which measures the temperature difference (Δt) between two points inside the carbon brick by using two thermocouples.

                               Patent No.JP 4194895(Joint patent with NSC)
For LNG Tank

LNG tank sensor requires high accuracy and stability at extremely low temperatures. Utilizing our technological expertise of sensor manufacturing and calibration technology accreditated JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System) for the wide temperature range, Yamari can produce a 170 meters-long RTD thermometer with an accuracy of class A or better. Yamari is presently certified under IICT6 Explosion-Proof in many countries for various sensors including multi-point sensors.
LNG Tank Sensor
For Petrochemical
 Spring-Loaded Multipoint Thermocouple


The spring-devised design provides positive contact pressure between the sensing tips and the inside wall of the thermowell and the flexible support plate facilitates the installation and prevents the damage to sensing tips.

     - Features -   
① Excellent response by virtue of spring effect.
② Can be applied to the existing well in the field.
③ Easy handling in a looped form.
④ Equally fit to somewhat deformed or curved wells
  by means of flexible support plate.
⑤ Expected maximum service temperature 500℃

  ■ The bimetal type Multipoint Thermocouple

Each thermocouple is fixed to the bimetals.The bimetals spread out in tight contact with the inside wall of the protecting tube at the operating temperature and the pads that thermocouple are fixed are also pressed against the inside wall of the protecting tube.

    - Features -   
① The thermocouple can be inserted to the protecting tube smoothly
  because bimetals are closed at the normal temperature.
② The bimetals spread out in tight contact with the inside wall of the
  protecting tube at the operating temperature.
③ Easy to be removed as the bimetallic fins are closed.

  ■ Special Thermocouple for SRU Model:HT-270

Model HT-270  thermocouple is a heavy duty version of the already proven HT THERMIC series of our inert gas filled high temperature thermocouples which was developed for a long term-measurements OXIDIZING/REDUCING ATMOSPHERES.

  ■ Hi-Reliability Tube Skin Thermocouple

             Thicker walled large diameter cable ensure long life.

Conductors:Type K or N φ8.0
Accuracy  :Class 1 or 2
Sheath Material:Hastelloy X, 310S
For Power generation
 Waterwall Tubeskin Thermocouple
Chemical cleaning to remove scale from inner surface of boiler tubes has periodically been conducted to prevent accidents of overheating, hydrothermal eruption and blowout breakage. In order to minimize the cleaning frequency, appropriate grasp of timing of the chemical cleaning is important, and accurate temperature measurement of waterwall tubes is required. “Embedded-in-Grooves” type waterwall tubeskin thermocouples, co-developed with the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry in Japan for high durability, accuracy and workability, have been widely used by customers.

Measurement Accuracy
Fig.1 shows the "Embedded in Grooves"
type thermocouple measured in agreement
with the actual tube surface temperature
and two other types of thermocouples,type I
and type II ,measured much higher than that.

Special sensors
For Semiconductor
■ Profile Thermocuples for Diffusion Systems

 - Features -

    ◆ Accuracy
     Class2(Class 1 is also available as an option.)     
     Calibration certificate shall be issued at temperature range and interval requested.

   ◆ Stability  
     The construction and material that enhance stability shall be applied.
     E.g.・Longer insulating tube capable of reducing evaporation of rhodium element.
      ・Alumina insulating tube containing low ferrous impurities.
      ・Quartz protecting tube containing low alkali or high purity silicon carbide
       protecting tube.

   ◆ Cleanness
     The profile thermocouples shall be assembled in clean room.(Cleanliness:Class 5)

   ◆ Application
     In addition to basic structure,various connecting methods like connection to lead
     wire are also applicable.

  ■ Wafer Sensor
This wafer sensor was developed to accurately reproduce the temperature profile of silicon wafers in wafer processing equipment. Users have now challenging us to further improve its quality by achieving a reproducibility of 0.1℃.
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