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For Semiconductor
■ Profile Thermocuples for Diffusion Systems

 - Features -

    ◆ Accuracy
     Class2(Class 1 is also available as an option.)     
     Calibration certificate shall be issued at temperature range and interval requested.

   ◆ Stability  
     The construction and material that enhance stability shall be applied.
     E.g.・Longer insulating tube capable of reducing evaporation of rhodium element.
      ・Alumina insulating tube containing low ferrous impurities.
      ・Quartz protecting tube containing low alkali or high purity silicon carbide
       protecting tube.

   ◆ Cleanness
     The profile thermocouples shall be assembled in clean room.(Cleanliness:Class 5)

   ◆ Application
     In addition to basic structure,various connecting methods like connection to lead
     wire are also applicable.

  ■ Wafer Sensor
This wafer sensor was developed to accurately reproduce the temperature profile of silicon wafers in wafer processing equipment. Users have now challenging us to further improve its quality by achieving a reproducibility of 0.1℃.
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